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About Us

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Our Story

Co-Owners and husband/wife duo, Robby and Jaycee Wilkerson met through outside sales and have been inseparable since. Their ambition and lust for knowledge paved the way for Sustainable Roofing. After moving to Portland, Oregon for new opportunities, Robby had hands on training for ventilation and learned of sustainable materials. Returning to Texas, they realized there was a lack of eco-focused and ventilation experienced roofing companies in the area. Their number one goal is to spread energy efficient options to customers while reducing waste and in return, giving customers, “The Roof That Puts Money in YOUR Pocket!”

What We Offer

We offer several options to customize your home and make it more cost efficient.

  • Looking for a well ventilated roof? We have options to lower your attic temperatures through solar fans for these Texas summers.
  • Interested in an eco-focused roof that’ll be the talk of the neighborhood? Try our Sustainable Package; equipped with ventilation and recyclable shingles that makes it the roof that keeps on giving.

Call us today for the package that suits you!

The "Cool" Roof

We offer a variety of solar attic fans that will guarantee to keep your attic space cooler through the summer. Contact us for more information on how you can have a "cooler" roof.

Sustainable Package

We offer the Sustainable Package that is a one stop shop for optimum ventilation paired with a responsibly manufactured and eco-focused shingle. Ask our Roofing Specialists on how you can receive a well ventilated and sustainable roof.

The Eco-Shingles

We provide both responsibly manufactured and energy rated shingles that will cut down on waste and energy costs. Ask our Roofing Specialists how one of these shingles can benefit with savings and many other ways!

Our Expert Team

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Juan George‚Äč

Vice President

Sean Hart

Project Leader

Emma Kelly

Creative Director